Midlaner: Best Places to Guard the Mid Lane

Midlaner: Best Places to Guard the Mid Lane

As a midlaner, you need to be very good at warding. There’s an important change that’s often missed, and if you know how to use it, you can keep sneaky ganks away.

Midlaner: Early-Game Warding Tips

The smart junglers are looking for a chance to gank you in the beginning of the game. Drop your first ward in the middle of the bottom lane to avoid that. This helps blue side players protect themselves from early-level ganks. It will stay in place until 2 minutes and 50 seconds have passed, which is how long it takes for junglers to clear the red side.

Noticing those threats coming is only half the battle. If you see trouble coming, call for help from your top laner. To be successful, you need to work together and talk to each other.

Do you feel the heat already? Add two more wards to the left and right of your tower, just below the mid-harpies.

Midlaner: Red or Pink Power Moves in the Middle of the Game

During the middle part of the game, you should buy a red or pink ward because it will save your life. In particular if ganks like to go after you. Depending on whether you’re on the blue or red side, you should place it in a smart way.

A spot like the one in the picture can make or break a game for the blue side. Red side, use a similar plan, but change a few things.

Don’t forget to keep your dragon pit safe. The bush between mid-lane and the dragon pit is a popular choice. Still, don’t throw wards straight into the pit. Those look like light signs for the bottom lane.

Are you brave and want to put pressure on someone? Place your wards above the mid-harpies to the left and right of the enemy tower.

Vision for the Win in the Late Game

Seeing is very important in the late stages. Take over the middle lane, which goes from east to west, to ensure your win. Put up a ward near the Dragon and another around the Baron pit, and you’ll win.

Midlaner: How to Ward When You’re Behind

Change from offense to defense when things get tough. Both teams can move their wards around. Like in the case given, the red team can focus on controlling the jungle. The blue team can change too by taking the same method.

In the end, Mid-Lane Mastery

It’s not easy to be a mid-laner. In this AGENGACOR area, junglers and supports are always on the lookout. If you work hard on your ward game, your friends might thank you. If you learn how to block in the middle lane, you’ll be sure to win!